The scientific monitoring period of the Scottish Beaver Trial came to an end in May 2014. In June 2015, Scottish Natural Heritage published the Beavers in Scotland Report.

On 24 November 2016, the Scottish Government made the landmark announcement that beavers are to remain in Scotland. For more information, please read the joint press release issued by RZSS and the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are beavers being reintroduced in Scotland?  What are the benefits of the Trial to the local environment? The Scottish Beaver Trial raises many questions due to the iconic nature of beavers as ecosystem engineers.

The foundations of the Scottish Beaver Trial are built upon vast amounts of research into beaver ecology. Beaver reintroductions have successfully taken place in 24 European countries and during the Scottish Beaver Trial, new and original data will be collated to provide further information about the impact of beavers on the local environment - as well as the local economy.

We have compiled our research and put together a series of answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Scottish Beaver Trial. Click on the links below to find out more about the reintroduction of beavers in Scotland.

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