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The Scottish Beaver Trial invites you to support the project in various ways:


The Scottish Beaver Trial is still active on the ground in Knapdale and any donation is welcomed to help support this. Click here to donate online today and become a beaver supporter.


With lots of work to be done on the ground monitoring the beavers, there are opportunities for volunteers with relevant experience to help with field work. We're also looking for volunteers to assist with our ever expanding education and events programme. Click here to find out more.


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Visit the Trial site and support Argyll's local economy. Plan your visit to Knapdale here.



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The Royal Zoological Society of ScotlandScottish Wildlife Trust
Forestry Commission Scotland

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"The beaver is a missing part of our watery landscapes and has a role to play in the healthy functioning of wetland habitats." - Stephanie Hilborne, Chief Executive for The Wildlife Trusts

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Beavers are back in Scotland!

On 24 November 2016, the Scottish Government made the landmark announcement that beavers are to remain in Scotland. This is the first time that a mammal has been formally reintroduced in UK history.

The trial population of beavers remains in Knapdale, and the Scottish Beaver partners are now focussing their efforts on re-enforcing this population to ensure its long term future.

Boosting the Knapdale beaver population

For updates on the beaver re-enforcement project, please visit the website of the Scottish Wildlife Trust or the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland by clicking on the adjacent logos.

The Scottish Beaver Trial website

Now that the Trial has ended, this website will no longer be updated. However, if you would like to browse our historical records on the website, please click the button to continue.

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