The scientific monitoring period of the Scottish Beaver Trial came to an end in May 2014. In June 2015, Scottish Natural Heritage published the Beavers in Scotland Report.

On 24 November 2016, the Scottish Government made the landmark announcement that beavers are to remain in Scotland. For more information, please read the joint press release issued by RZSS and the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

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FAQ: What will happen if beavers stray outside the Trial area?

Beavers are highly territorial and re-colonisation takes place based on the suitability of the area as a beaver habitat. There are many locations for the beavers to re-colonise within the Trial area. However a Trial of this nature with numerous wild animals in a large, unfenced semi-natural area means there is potential for some beavers to move out of the Trial site.

In the first year of the Trial at least three of the beavers strayed outside the Trial area, with one subsequently recaptured and two others remaining unaccounted for. Our response to any straying beavers is to intensively track and search for these animals, with the view to recapturing and returning these animals to the Trial site as soon as possible. The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has particular expertise in recapturing beavers in the wild. The project team will also work with the community to identify and mitigate against potential problems.

The Scottish Beaver Trial also benefit from any potential missing beaver sightings and observations passed onto us by local people and visitors to the area, so please contact us if you think you have seen a beaver in the wider area.



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"Welcoming beavers back to Scotland marks a historic day for conservation, and it is particularly apt they are returning in this, the year of Homecoming." - MSP Roseanna Cunningham

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