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The Trial team have been busy filming the various field work tasks they needed to carry out to monitor beavers. These short videos also highlight evidence of beaver activity, from lodges and dams to gnawed tree stumps, which can now be seen in Knapdale Forest. Sit back, relax and click on the videos below…


Project Manager Simon Jones introduces the Scottish Beaver Trial from within Knapdale Forest.

Beaver physiology

Discover more about beaver anatomy and their highly developed webbed feet and paddle-like tail.

Beaver re-introduction releases

Watch the beavers now living in Knapdale being released onto the site.

Beaver trapping by boat

Learn more about the journey our beavers made from Telemark, Norway to Knapdale, Scotland.

Beaver trapping and GPS tagging

Day or night, see how Trial staff are continually monitoring the beavers.

Beaver trapping methods (health checks)

See how the beavers undergo their annual health check.

Field signs: beaver lodge

See why a beaver home is the ultimate grand design.

Field signs: beaver dam

Witness beaver engineering skills at their peak in this carefully constructed dam.

Field signs: felled trees

Learn how and why beavers fell trees and change the habitat they live in.

Field signs: trails and feeding stations

How to spot the signs of beaver activity.

Night vision: camera trap footage

A rare insight into beaver life after dark, captured by one of our camera traps. 

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The Royal Zoological Society of ScotlandScottish Wildlife Trust
Forestry Commission Scotland

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    Beavers are back in Scotland!

    On 24 November 2016, the Scottish Government made the landmark announcement that beavers are to remain in Scotland. This is the first time that a mammal has been formally reintroduced in UK history.

    The trial population of beavers remains in Knapdale, and the Scottish Beaver partners are now focussing their efforts on re-enforcing this population to ensure its long term future.

    Boosting the Knapdale beaver population

    For updates on the beaver re-enforcement project, please visit the website of the Scottish Wildlife Trust or the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland by clicking on the adjacent logos.

    The Scottish Beaver Trial website

    Now that the Trial has ended, this website will no longer be updated. However, if you would like to browse our historical records on the website, please click the button to continue.

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